Our Mission

Mission Statement
Our mission is to build quality, earn the client's trust and grow through repeat business and referrals.

1. Safety First. Maintain a safe and enjoyable work environment for all. Every day, each and every worker goes home safe without injury.
2. Sustainable profitable growth.
3. Built to last. We use only the highest quality materials, with the greatest attention to detail.
4. Compensate employees fairly for their contributions.
5. Deliver complete satisfaction to Clients

Meet the Founders

Charles S. Kearns – Chief Executive Officer

Charles Kearns is the principal founder and CEO of Kearns Construction company. Mr. Kearns attended the University of Jacksonville, and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics. He established Kearns in early 2001 as a residential and commercial contractor. Mr. Kearns is also a state certified general contractor.




John W. Kearns – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Kearns prepares proposals and performs administrative work for Kearns Construction. Mr. Kearns has been with Kearns Construction Company since 2002. Prior to Kearns Construction Company, John worked for Impregilo (Europe’s 2nd largest contractor) for ten years. In Italy, John was the Contract Manager on a $500,000,000 U.S. Navy project.  In Miami, Mr. Kearns was the Project Manager for the people mover (Brickell Extension) and Senior Project Engineer on the $100,000,000 Federal Prison.  John Kearns has also qualified a $45,000,000 rail project. Mr. Kearns graduated from the University of Florida School of Building Construction with honors. Mr. Kearns is also a state certified licensed general contractor. John Kearns is married.



Brock Sullivan - Chief Operating Officer

Brock Sullivan is Chief Operating Officer of Kearns Construction Company. Born and Raised in Miami, he has over 24 years of construction experience. Shortly after hurricane Andrew in 1992, rebuilding his own home in the Redlands, he then started working as a carpenter’s helper building houses in the Florida Keys. He quickly rose to positions as carpenter, foreman, superintendent, and project manager. He is experienced in supervising all aspects of construction from designing formwork and tying rebar to contract negotiating, project management and close-out.


Kearns Construction Company is a Florida based general contractor that performs primarily marine construction, environmental restoration, commercial diving, and tremie pour services. Kearns Construction Company prides itself in being a family and friend owned company that has worked to create an atmosphere of trust and comradery among its employees. As a result Kearns’ delivers quality work and builds strong relationships with our clients.

Our Material Suppliers

  • Southern Pine Lumber Company
  • Decks and Docks Lumber Company
  • FiberGrate Composite Structures
  • Shell Lumber
  • John Abell
  • Interstate Screw
  • Skyline Steel
  • S & S Precast
  • Bellingham Marine

Our Equipment

  • Hail Mary
  • Rio Socco
  • Davis
  • No Name
  Tug Boats
  • Fat Jack
  • Blue Eyes
  • Karen
  • Elly
  • American 5299 Crawler Crane (50 ton)
  • American 4450 Truck Crane (45 ton)
  • American 7225 Crawler Crane (85 ton)
  • American 5300 Crawler Crane (70 Ton)
  • American 9260 Crawler Crane (125 ton)
  • Knuckle Boom Service Truck


Prequalification Letter

Kearns Costruction Company

Foundation Fall 2014

Pellegrims USA

Companies we have collaborated/partnered on projects with

Berlin Project

Extreme Tunneling

Tunnel Award